9 December, 2016

CHIRAPAQ commemorates the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

The aim is to highlight violence to indigenous women visible through short films.

Foto: Soledad Carrasco / CHIRAPAQ

In commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, held every 25 of November, the Center for Indigenous Cultures of Peru, CHIRAPAQ, with the support of Oxfam and Wapikoni Mobile, hosted the forum “Indigenous Women On stage “.

In this forum, short documentaries such as “Eligiendo una destino”, “Las dos Magalys”, “Mirada de Mujer” and “Niñas de la guerra” were screen, to give a look at the life, dreams and aspirations of indigenous women who face adverse circumstances in their eagerness to excel and develop like all people.

Likewise, the young people and indigenous women who attend share their experiences of making short films with the audience.

Alison Ariarán, a young yanesha from Pasco, said about the situation of her community, “one of the problems is the loss of our ancestral customs, the loss of our ancestral language. Both Yanesha and Quechua equally pay more attention to other cultures, and through these short films we want for adults to listen”.

Very excited, Melania also said that the screened films portray the lives of many indigenous women who have suffered and still continue to face discrimination.

“These the screened films remind us of our lives and the lives of many violated women, it is very important to reflect on this day of non-violence to women even more when indigenous women have suffered violence such as racism and discrimination”

Finally, she shared the discrimination she lived in flesh years ago, “I learned to speak Spanish at age seven and could not speak at all. When I was at school at the city people insulted me. When I got confused on how to write in Spanish the teacher gave me a bad grade and told me that my knowledge, my way of thinking was worthless”.

Source: Diario Jornada.