9 December, 2016

CHIRAPAQ in forum on youth and agriculture

This Saturday 03 of December from 9.30 a.m. in the Conference Room of General Studies of the PUCP university.


The Forum “Youth for Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities” to be held this Saturday, December 03 at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), will bring together experts and professionals from the agricultural and social field, who will discuss the inequality gaps that young people in rural Peru face.

Panelists include Carolina Trivelli, former Minister of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion, Cesar Sotomayor, former Director of the Social Development Cooperation Fund (FONCODES) and Newton Mori, activist and member of CHIRAPAQ, Center of Indigenous Cultures of Peru .

The challenges of rural youth, the role of the public sector in the development of rural youth and the organization of youth and interculturality will be the central themes of the debate.

CHIRAPAQ will also share the results of its research on the challenges faced by indigenous youth in higher education and political life in the country.

The event is organized by the Peruvian Division of Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD), an international movement made up of young professionals dedicated to promoting innovative agricultural development.

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