Food Sovereignty

Traditional knowledge to ensure our food supplies

At CHIRAPAQ, we firmly believe that food-supply policies must be in accordance with the cultures and realities of the indigenous peoples. This is why we have a comprehensive proposal on food security and sovereignty, based on the recovery of the diversity of native crops and the reappraisal of ancient traditional knowledge to achieve familiar and sustainable agriculture.

Food security and sovereignty processes go hand in hand with meetings, workshops on reflection and awareness-raising of families, authorities, and promoters. We thus guarantee the continuity of a type of agriculture which takes place in harmony with the natural environment and incorporates the knowledge of our peoples.

With the accompaniment of CHIRAPAQ, indigenous farmers have recovered 140 native types of potato and more than 40 native varieties of pulses. They have also implemented initiatives for the suitable rearing of improved types of small livestock such as guinea pigs and chickens.