14 February, 2017

Forty years of fighting hunger

Indigenous association celebrates alliance with The Hunger Project on the occasion of its anniversary.

Tarcila Rivera Zea, member of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Affairs and president of CHIRAPAQ, forwarded a statement this morning to Åsa Skogström, president of The Hunger Project on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of this institution..

“To maintain an effort of this magnitude is something unbelievable and to do it on a global level reflects a huge commitment, a clear strategy and a holistic vision that transforms outlooks and mobilizes communities“, says the letter.

For almost two decades, CHIRAPAQ and The Hunger Project have consolidated a working alliance in favor of women and indigenous children in Peru. Among the achievements of this fruitful relationship are a generation of women leaders who today hold positions of power in their organizations, their comunities and within State agencies.

Also, the reduction of malnutrition among indigenous children in the Andes and the Amazon and the preservation of native crops of high nutritional value that have proven tob eb resistant to climate change.

“All these milestones that have marked the future of thousands of indigenous women and children would not have been achieved without The Hunger Project continued support”, the statement said.