13 April, 2017

Hundreds of indigenous people isolated by rains in Peru

Access roads to the Yánesha Communal Reserve in the country’s Central Amazon have been blocked.

Foto: Food Sovereignty and Security Program / CHIRAPAQ

The flood of the Churuchumaz river has blocked roads and razed two bridges that allowed access to the native community Puellas Yuncullmas in the district of Puerto Bermúdez, as reported by the team of the Food Sovereignty and Security Program of CHIRAPAQ who are in the emergency zone.

The population has built makeshift bridges out of logs and ropes in order to cross the river. As a result of a reckless maneuver of a driver, a truck overturned by the force of the water in its attempt to cross as well.

They team reported that the town of Iscozacin, capital of the district of Palcazú has also been isolated by mudslides that affected the road.

Indigenous leaders in the area have called us to report that the flooding of the Omaiz river in this same district have flooded the native communities of Centro Esperanza, Nueva Esperanza, Nuevo Amanecer, San Carlos, San Juan and San Miguel, affecting around 350 Yanesha families. We will soon expand on this distress call.