Indigenous Communication

Indigenous audio-visual production

The initiative for training and then making films for cultural affirmation is promoted by CHIRAPAQ with young indigenous people of both sexes of the Quechua people of Vilcas Huamán province, Ayacucho.

Audio-visual production is, for the young people, a means of expressing their wishes, their difficulties and views of the future, of developing their creativity and strengthening their self-esteem, together with providing a sense of belonging to a group. The young people thus assert their cultural identity, take on the defence of their peoples, and contribute to their development.

During the process, intergenerational dialogue is encouraged in order to restore the link between young people and the older generations, strengthening the family unit and the transmission of the values and knowledge of the Quechua people.

The initiative took place in Ayacucho thanks to OXFAM and Wapikoni Mobile, with the support of CEFREC – Bolivia.