Indigenous Communication

Training in indigenous radio

CHIRAPAQ promotes training spaces for the use of radio to democratize communications. The first trial was in Huamanga, with the space called People and Culture, within the framework of initiatives for food security and sovereignty. This programme was listened to in the rural communities and poorer sectors of the city of Huamanga by radio; and in zones without electricity, through the use of public loudspeakers.

The work continued in 1996 with the radio programme Sapinchikmanta (from our roots in Quechua) and setting up the Network of Quechua Indigenous Reporters in the provinces of Vilcashuamán and Ayacucho. In 2004 this became the Ayacucho Network of Quechua Indigenous Reporters and currently has at its disposal communicators of both sexes from the rural communities of Vilcashuamán, Huanta and La Mar, and from the outlying suburbs of Huamanga.

Today, Sapinchikmanta is a bilingual intercultural radio programme orientated towards promoting the rights of Quechua women, children and youth in the Ayacucho Region and to conserving the language and indigenous cultural expressions.