21 April, 2017

Indigenous farmers were awarded at a local fair

Crops were recognized for their quality, diversity and nutritional value.

The Association of Agricultural Producers of Vilcas Huamán, Saurama and Huambalpa (APAVISAH in spanish) was recognized as the second largest producer of cereals that participated in the 20th edition of the Canaan Fair in Ayacucho.

Their participation in this agricultural fair was possible thanks to the union of efforts between the CHIRAPAQ, Brot für die Welt and the Agrarian Agency of Vilcas Huamán.

The fair is a commercial window for agricultural producers in the region. About 100 farmers with more than 300 tons of products participated.

Nélida Gutiérrez Sulca and Hermenegilda Paucar Rojas from the community of Limarec and Diana Gómez Ayala from the community of San Juan de Cocha atended in representation of APAVISAH.

In addition to this public recognition for the diversity of its products, APAVISAH achieved sales that amounted to almost two thousand five hundred soles (or 800 USD). This amount will be distributed among forty-nine families.

In spite of having suffered the inclemencies of the drought, excessive rain and hail, using ancestral agricultural techniques the APAVISAH producers have achieved a copious production.

During the fair, APAVISAH, presented to the crowded assistance a variety of multicolored corn, beans and potatoes. Also, under the trade mark USHNU, they sale chochoca, haba, corn and wheat flour that the families themselves process in the local mill.

These actions are part of an initiative promoted by the association CHIRAPAQ for the preservation of indigenous food culture.