2 April, 2019

Indigenous midwives from Canada, Mexico and Peru will share their knowledge in Lima

Traditional midwives from the Americas are gathered today and tomorrow in Lima to exchange experiences and demand acknowledgement from the States.

Indigenous midwives from Canada, Mexico and Peru are gathered in Lima from today to share experiences and challenges.

Among the participants, we have Cheryl-Lee Bourgeois, Métis (Canada) and professor of the Midwifery Education Program at Ryerson University of Canada, and Angelina Martínez Miranda, a well-known traditional midwife from Morelos (Mexico) who has shared her knowledge in more than five countries. Other participants include traditional midwives from the Cañaris, Maya, Quechua and Shawi peoples, among others.

The participants of the I International Gathering of Indigenous Midwives of the Americas will reflect upon the current situation of the practice and the challenges of working together with the State’s healthcare centers without harassment from the staff. Additionally, the midwives will share massage techniques and knowledge on the use of plants for maternal care.

The gathering is organized by CHIRAPAQ, Center of Indigenous Cultures of Peru, Kinal Antzetik, Ryerson Aboriginal Student Services, the Provincial Federation of Quechua Women (FEPROMUQ), with the support of Pawanka Fund and Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF).