4 April, 2017

Indigenous people demand that their voices be heard in the Green Climate Fund

They claim that measures to minimize the impact of projects in their communities remain insufficient.

A dozen indigenous organizations in Peru urged the  Green Climate Fund board to generate a specific policy to develop projects in their communities, that respcet their right to free, prior and informed consent. To this end, they said, indigenous peoples should have a seat as observers with decision-making power in the meetings of this group.

The Green Climate Fund is a mechanism created by the member countries of the United Nations that aims to channel funds to developing countries for the creation of programs and projects oriented to adaptation and mitigation for climate change . It seeks to finance actions that lead to low carbon development and its goal is to finance climate change mitigation and adaptation projects totaling 100 billion dollars by 2020.

Since indigenous peoples are the human group living in the most fragile ecosystems due to climate change, networks such as the Indigenous Peoples’ Global Partnership on Climate Change, Forests and Sustainable Development, present in about thirteen countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa, have urged the recognition of indigenous rights in this type of projects.

In a meeting promoted by this Partnership in Peru, the indigenous organizations that participated in the debate concluded that the measures taken by the fund to minimize the impact on their communities are insufficient. Currently, the Green Climate Fund use as reference the International Finance Corporation safeguards, which – as reported by indigenous peoples – have not stopped the depredation of their territories nor have they achieved development opportunities for their communities.

Another weakness identified is that the information posted on the Green Climate Fund website is in English, which makes it difficult for indigenous peoples to know and assert their rights within this space.

The indigenous organizations also questioned the designation in Peru of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of this country as the designated authority to administer the fund, replacing the Ministry of the Environment.

The meeting in Peru was organized with the support of CHIRAPAQ, Center of Indigenous Cultures of Peru and Tebtebba as a preparatory stage for the 16th meeting of the Green Fund Board to be held in Songdo, Korea, from April 4 to 6,  where these recommendations will be raised.

Pronouncement of Indigenous Peoples’ organizations of Peru to the Green Climate Fund