12 November, 2019

Indigenous Women call for Continental Meeting

The Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas invites adult and young women to participate in its 8th Meeting in Mexico.

The Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas (ECMIA) announced today the call for its 8th Continental Meeting, that will gather indigenous women from twenty-three countries of the Americas, from December 14th to 17th in Mexico City.

The event commemorates the twenty-fifth anniversary of this network, formed by indigenous women and mixed organizations, which promotes the empowerment of indigenous women and the respect of their rights.

This continental meeting takes place in the context of the anniversary of the commitments pledged by States on gender equality and the empowerment of women. These include the Beijing Platform for Action, aimed at promoting the rights of women; the Cairo Programme of Action, that addresses reproductive health and rights of women, as well as the 5 years of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development.

The document states: “In this context, it is necessary to carry out an intergenerational balance on the situation of the exercise of collective and individual rights of adult and young indigenous women in the Americas and build proposals and a pathway to advance from the formal recognition of our rights towards real changes in policies and programs in national and local contexts”.

The persecution of indigenous human rights and Mother Earth defenders, the impact of climate change, the economic development of indigenous women, gender-based violence in all its forms and advocacy in intergovernmental spaces for the recognition of their rights are among the most crucial topics that will be at the core of the discussion.

This event aims at promoting an exchange of knowledge and experiences among adult and young indigenous women of organizations, indigenous women parliamentarians, communicators, artists, academics, rights defenders and wise women of the indigenous health system, as well as other strategic allies from international organizations, foundations, academy and social movements.

Representatives from multilateral and bilateral organizations and institutions, states, secretaries of women and indigenous affairs, United Nations agencies and the Inter-American system and non-governmental organizations working on human rights and indigenous peoples’ rights will also be present.

Indigenous women interested in participating in the event should fill out the following form until November 25th, 2019:
For more information, please write to, y

Call 8th Continental Meeting of Indigenous Women of The Americas

Download the call here.


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