9 March, 2017

Indigenous women celebrated with cultural journey

Multitudinous parade roamed the province of Vilcas Huamán in Ayacucho.

Two days of protest and celebration were held in the Ayacucho province of Vilcas Huamán, where nearly two hundred women took to the streets to march against family violence and to demand access to education and health, without any discrimination.

Not even the heavy rain stopped the group that arrived at the main square, accompanied by local authorities and students. “That our daughters never live the cruelty of racism,” “No more mistreatment. Today is the day of the warrior women “and” Women of Vilcas, builders and fighters “, were among their  mottos.

This public action took place on the International Women’s Day, organized by the Provincial Municipality of Vilcas Huamán, the Women’s Emergency Center (CEM), CHIRAPAQ Center for Indigenous Cultures of Peru and the Provincial Federation of Quechua Women from Vilcas Huamán (FEPROMUQ).

Demonstrators expressed their support for their people and local institutions. In previous years this international day was not lived to such an extent, and was not even publicly commemorated.

During the meeting, the Municipality of Vilcas Huamán gave a well-deserved recognition to the effort, trajectory and courage of the women. Among them, Zosima Cárdenas who was honored last year with the Order of Merit of Women Award for her dedicated work to defend the rights of indigenous women.

The program included traditional indigenous games such as tuna eating contests, the selection of wheat grains and sheep’s wool yarn, which filled the public with joy. Also the exhibition of short films about the reality, culture and struggles of indigenous women, which were appreciated the day before.

CHIRAPAQ participated of the day by virtue of its years of working together with the communities of this province for the preservation of the indigenous alimentary culture and the empowerment of the woman. Also, as a member of the Interinstitutional Network for the Prevention and Care of Domestic and Sexual Violence (RIPAPVFS) in the province of Vilcas Huamán.