5 March, 2021

Indigenous Women of the Americas 25 Years from Beijing

Progress, gaps and challenges identified by indigenous women, since the adoption of The Beijing Platform for Action and what they expect for the future.

Indigenous people in action / 36

The indigenous women of the Americas present an assessment of the progress, gaps and challenges in the exercise of our individual and collective rights, 25 years from the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action. With this study based on official data and first-hand information from the indigenous women’s movement, ECMIA seeks to contribute to the dialogue among indigenous organizations, States and the intergovernmental system. It also aims at informing the decision-making process on actions needed to close the gaps and overcome the pending issues regarding indigenous women’s exercise of their rights.

Editors: International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI – IIWF), Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas (ECMIA), CHIRAPAQ Center for Indigenous Cultures of Peru.
December 2020
66 pages
Legal Deposit N° 2021-00386 made with the National Library of Peru
ISBN: 978-612-4472-03-9

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