25 April, 2019

Online platform that closes the gap between UN and Indigenous Peoples to be launched is a website that promotes access to the Permanent Forum recommendations on indigenous issues that should be implemented by States.

Every year, the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues a set of recommendations that address States, the UN System and other institutions. These recommendations touch on indigenous peoples’ economic and social development, culture, environment, education, health and human rights.

The almost 1500 Permanent Forum’s recommendations make up an important source of information on the demands and proposals of the indigenous movement that are backed up by the United Nations. However, a recent study carried out by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and CHIRAPAQ, Centre of Indigenous Cultures of Peru, shows that there is a low level of implementation of recommendations by States and even UN agencies.

This week, indigenous activist Tarcila Rivera Zea will launch with the purpose of making progress towards compliance. The platform seeks to promote access to UN Permanent Forum recommendations for indigenous organizations and human rights defenders. This recommendation browser is expected to allow the formulation of better informed demands and proposals to Sates about issues that are part of the agenda of indigenous peoples.

The launching of the platform will take place on Friday 26th April in the 18th Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues at the UN Headquarters in New York. The event is organized by CHIRAPAQ and the Permanent Mission of Peru to the UN. The entry is free for anyone who is attending this international event.

The event will feature ambassador Gustavo Meza-Cuadra, representative of the Permanent Mission of Peru to the United Nations; Elsa Stamatopoulou, Director of the Columbia University’s Indigenous Rights Program; Emilie Filmer-Wilson, Human Rights Adviser of UNFPA; Joan Carling, Co-convener of the Indigenous Peoples’ Major Group (IPMG) for Sustainable Development; Rémi Orsier, Director of DOCIP; and Tania Pariona, Indigenous Congresswoman of Peru. – UNPFII18 Side Event – Concept Note