23 June, 2017

Peru’s capital city is enjoying the sweetest native fruits this week

Biodiversity Festival goes until June 25 in the Plaza Manco Capac.

Foto: Soledad Carrasco / CHIRAPAQ.

Indigenous women are taking part since this Wednesday June 21 in the National Biodiversity Festival “Fruits of the Earth” 2017, which aims to promote thealthy food consumptionof native fruit of great nutritional value.

Felipa Solis, Elisa Taboada from the community of Contay in Ayacucho and Gina Pizango from the native community of Nueva Luz in Loreto, will share with the the fair attendees fruits such as bananas, cocona, taperiba, sachamango, camu camu and tuna.

The variety of products of their communities is also part of the Museum of Biodiversity, a space that aims to show the public Peru’s native and exotic fruits.

For more than 20 years, CHIRAPAQ has promoted the reappraisal of indigenous food culture and the recovery of their traditional knowledge in agricultural production. In an alliance with Andean and Amazonian communities, this strategy seeks to reduce malnutrition among the indigenous population. The initiative is promoted through the joint efforts of CHIRAPAQ, The Hunger Project, Bread for the World and Oxfam.

The Festival itself is an initiative of the National Association of Organic Producers of Peru (ANPE Peru) in alliance with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Peruvian Society of Gastronomy (APEGA), organized with the support of CHIRAPAQ and Oxfam, among others.

The public will be able to learn more about the fruit of the Andes and the Amazon by visiting our sisters’ stand until this Sunday, June 25th at Manco Capac Square in La Victoria district.