16 February, 2017

Peruvian artist wins FAO contest

Works reflects on the unique connection that indigenous peoples have with nature.

CHIRAPAQ has one more reason to be proud. Newton Mori, member of our association and the master mind behind our designs and publications, is one of the winners of the “Arts of indigenous peoples” contest organized by FAO.

Newton Mori Julca, is a P¿peruvian historian, archaeologist and self-taught plastic artist. For eight years he has been a member of the CHIRAPAQ team where he is a researcher in the fields of racism and discrimination and the construction of citizenship.

Techniques for the realization of these designs include watercolor, pencil and chinese ink. The illustrations express daily life scenes and popular traditions of the Andean and Amazonian communities of Peru, as well as representations of indigenous deities such as the moon, sun and mountains, and include numerous iconographies of these cultures.

Mori’s work was selected on the basis of his “technical quality, the strength of the message of his works and his ability to capture the true identity of indigenous peoples,” according to the statement released today by the UN.

Mori shares this recognition with artists Zingsho Vashum of India and Ronaldo Unruh of Paraguay.

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