Peru’s capital city is enjoying the sweetest native fruits this week

Biodiversity Festival goes until June 25 in the Plaza Manco Capac.

Corn keepers are awarded in local festival

In Peru, andean elders preserve more than thirty varieties of maize of high nutritional value.

Indigenous farmers were awarded at a local fair

Crops were recognized for their quality, diversity and nutritional value.

Hundreds of indigenous people isolated by rains in Peru

Access roads to the Yánesha Communal Reserve in the country’s Central Amazon have been blocked.

Indigenous people in Peru take advantage of heavy rains to capture and store water

Infiltration ditches also allow to stop landslides and floods.

Potato and quinoa crops in danger of plague infestation after heavy rains

Native products proved to be the most resistant to extreme climate conditions and disease.

Indigenous women celebrated with cultural journey

Multitudinous parade roamed the province of Vilcas Huamán in Ayacucho.

CHIRAPAQ is recognized for its contribution to education

Ministry of Education awarded merit to support indigenous youth in rural schools in Loreto.

Indigenous Nutritional Culture

CHIRAPAQ report on the legacy of indigenous alimentary culture as contribution to food sovereignty socialized within the framework of the Rio + 20 Conference.