Memory of the VIII Continental Meeting of Indigenous Women of the Americas

ECMIA, a group of more than thirty indigenous women’s and mixed organizations, held the VIII Meeting of Indigenous Women of the Americas with the theme: Raising our voices for the peace and security of our peoples and continents.

The Thread That Keeps Us Warm

Waist weaving is an ancestral practice used by the Peruvian elderly to make most of their clothing. Fortunata and Juan, the two main characters of the film, still use this weaving technique today. They thus show how the fabric is woven, share the story of how they learned to do it, and call upon the young people lest they neglect to place value in this tradition and maintain this practice alive.


The residents of the small community of Santa Cruz de Pucaraccay, share their difficulties such us their lack of access to water, electricity and education. They also tell us about their dreams and wishes for the future.

The Living Flower

Since ancient times our ancestors have practiced traditional medicine making use of the plants that nature offers us.

Our Knowledge

In a small village in Peru, women gather to prepare the chicha de jora as their mothers and grandmothers had in the past.

Blue Thinking Women

Women in the district of Laramate carry out productive initiatives that allow them to have an additional income for their homes. Their vision of organization and foresight, have been dynamizing the local economy and making the role of women visible as an axis of family and communal life.