MIDAGRI takes the first step to recognize the contributions of indigenous women

As the creation of the Rural Women’s Directorate is announced, CHIRAPAQ recommends considering the gender and ethnicity gaps faced by women farmers.

CHIRAPAQ urges compliance with quarantine but recommends support measures for indigenous people

Ten regions in Peru will be under social immobilization and transport restrictions starting this Sunday, January 31.

2021 Peruvian general election: Indigenous and Afro-descendant women will ensure compliance with the Electoral Ethical Pact

The indigenous leader Tarcila Rivera Zea and the Afro-descendant singer Susana Baca are part of the National Elections Jury’s Honor Tribunal.

The blood of democracy

The battle for democracy already has two heroes, both indigenous.

Indigenous women, youth and children among the most affected by Coronavirus, according to report

Helpless in the face of coronavirus, indigenous farmers, traders, and university and school students demand attention from the Peruvian government.

Coronavirus in Peru: New measures and demands in the interest of Indigenous Peoples

Report of CHIRAPAQ on the situation of indigenous peoples in the Coronavirus health emergency.

Coronavirus in Peru: what we know about Indigenous Peoples

CHIRAPAQ report on the situation of indigenous peoples in the midst of the coronavirus health emergency.

‘Interculturalidad’ from below

Master’s thesis explores CHIRAPAQ’s encounter with Peruvian intercultural education policy

UN Permanent Forum will analyze the exercise of territorial rights of indigenous peoples

Indigenous leaders of the world will debate for two weeks to address recommendations to the Member States.

Indigenous peoples celebrate policy that recognizes their participation in climate change projects

Adoption of the Indigenous Peoples Policy of the Green Climate Fund is a step in the right direction, they said.

Indigenous Peoples urge Green Climate Fund to adopt protection policy for their communities

Projects related to climate change can have negative repercussions on traditional livelihoods and the ecosystems they inhabit.

Call to indigenous peoples from the Green Climate Fund

Global climate finance mechanism seeks input on its indigenous peoples’ policy.

Don’t Mess with My Census

Extreme right group says that recognition of indigenous people in national census will promote social conflicts.

Indigenous peoples in Peru question designation of Ministry of Economy to approve projects on climate change

Lack of dialogue with this entity would hinder access of their communities to resources of the Green Climate Fund, they claim.

Indigenous people demand that their voices be heard in the Green Climate Fund

They claim that measures to minimize the impact of projects in their communities remain insufficient.

Youngsters foresee an uncertain future for indigenous languages

The mother language is used for socializing in communities and as a weapon to confront discrimination in public space

Young artists with an identity of their own

Indigenous children take drawing and painting art classes over the summer.

What should a parlamentariant do for indigenous peoples?

An assessment of the situation of indigenous peoples is the first step towards parliamentary action to protect and promote their rights.

The gods of the earth and the free prior and informed consent

If for the Indigenous Peoples and Christians the mountains are sacred places, why criticize their defense?

The return of the pishtacos and sacaojos

An indigenous myth was the trigger of the confrontation between Huaycan inhabitants and the police.

Peru TV slammed by UN as racial stereotypes paraded for cheap laughs

La Paisana Jacinta loses prime-time slot but racism against indigenous people and African-Peruvians far from eradicated.

Racism in Peru exists and must be punished, says UN

Report reveals that discriminatory attitudes are still deeply embedded in Peruvian society.

No more Jacintas

Message addressed to the Peruvian Government with relation to its participation in the 85th period of sessions of the Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, CERD.

Statement by Indigenous Peoples on Rio+20

The representative of the Indigenous Peoples Major Group addressed the opening conference of the 1st Plenary Meeting on Rio+20.

Latin American Summit on Climate Change and its Impact on Indigenous Peoples

Climate change makes us consider our challenges and to highlight the progress achieved in our countries on the development of mitigation policies.

Between Waters. From the Sacred to Disaster (video)

Short documentary that explores the travails and difficulties that indigenous peoples from Peru face due to climate change.