Walking Together: A Guide for the Participation of Indigenous Organizations in International Mechanisms

This guide presents thematic and practical information on international mechanisms relevant to the individual and collective rights of indigenous women.

The roads of indigenous women

Compilation of the process followed by indigenous women to reach the Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing, 1995)

Indigenous Women of the Americas 25 Years from Beijing

Progress, gaps and challenges identified by indigenous women, since the adoption of The Beijing Platform for Action and what they expect for the future.

The Green Climate Fund and the Indigenous Peoples of Peru

Recommendations from Indigenous Peoples to support sustainable initiatives through climate funding, with a respect for our rights and full participation.

Nothing About Us Without Us

And assessment of the implementation of the The Beijing Platform and Action Plan from the indigenous women viewpoint.

Political Position Document and Plan of Action of the World’s Indigenous Women

Common action agenda of indigenous women from the seven socio-cultural world regions.

Population, Development and Indigenous Women

Perspective and Proposal 20 Years after the VI International Conference on Population and Development, Cairo+20.

Knowledge, Art and Indigenous Women

Recovering the production conditions necessary for bespan, native which isof the most notable legacies of indigenous Amazonian yanesha communities.

Violence and Indigenous Women

An analysis of the context to understand and eradicate the different expressions of violence against indigenous women.