30 March, 2017

Short Film-Maker dies at age eighteen

Teresa Pomahuacre stood out for her talent on audivisual storytelling.


Teresa Pomahuacre Mendoza, a young indigenous person from Ayacucho, left this world at the age of eighteen, inflicting a great sorrow among family and friends.

Native from the community of Santa Rosa de Chanen, she participated in the training and audiovisual creation process for the affirmation of identity. The initiative promoted by CHIRAPAQ, Oxfam and Wapikoni Mobile, seeks to help Andean youth to use film as a means to show the reality and culture of their peoples, while allowing them to connect with their indigenous roots.

Pomahuacre was part of the production team of the short film “Sara Tarpuy”. The film shows the union and collaboration of families in the Andean ritual of planting corn, a native product of the area that is the main sustenance of these communities. The short film was also a family production, since it was produced with the participation of her own aunt as the main voice of the history.

An unplanned pregnancy forced Pomahuacre to drop out of high school. Later he decides to migrate to the city of Huamanga, along with the father of his daughter, in search of employment.

According to his father, Saturnino Pomahuacre, his daughter had terrible headaches. When tthe pain was unbearable she was taken by her relatives to the Hospital of Huamanga. Unfortunately, her body could not resist and died on the way. Subsequently it was determined that the pain was the product of a parasitic disease.

With great regret, the young woman was buried in her community. CHIRAPAQ expresses its condolences to the family for this irreparable loss. The spirit of this young woman will live forever through her audiovisual legacy.