COP24: Indigenous women call to defend Mother Earth at climate conference

With a spiritual ceremony, the Indigenous Peoples Caucus and the Women and Gender Constituency celebrated Indigenous Women’s Day during COP24, in Poland.

COP24: Climate finance for indigenous peoples

CHIRAPAQ & Tebtebba will hold a discussion panel on the Green Climate Fund and indigenous peoples, during the COP24 meeting at Katowice, Poland.

Indigenous peoples celebrate policy that recognizes their participation in climate change projects

Adoption of the Indigenous Peoples Policy of the Green Climate Fund is a step in the right direction, they said.

Indigenous Peoples urge Green Climate Fund to adopt protection policy for their communities

Projects related to climate change can have negative repercussions on traditional livelihoods and the ecosystems they inhabit.

Participation of indigenous women is key to face climate change

Female Leaders from all continents called for greater participation in COP23

Multi-stakeholders mobilization and readiness to the Green Climate Fund

Interested parties involved in the GCF and Adaptation Fund processes will host a dialogue during COP23.

The Green Climate Fund and the Indigenous Peoples of Peru

Recommendations from Indigenous Peoples to support sustainable initiatives through climate funding, with a respect for our rights and full participation.

Call to indigenous peoples from the Green Climate Fund

Global climate finance mechanism seeks input on its indigenous peoples’ policy.

Indigenous farmers were awarded at a local fair

Crops were recognized for their quality, diversity and nutritional value.

Hundreds of indigenous people isolated by rains in Peru

Access roads to the Yánesha Communal Reserve in the country’s Central Amazon have been blocked.

Indigenous peoples in Peru question designation of Ministry of Economy to approve projects on climate change

Lack of dialogue with this entity would hinder access of their communities to resources of the Green Climate Fund, they claim.

Indigenous people demand that their voices be heard in the Green Climate Fund

They claim that measures to minimize the impact of projects in their communities remain insufficient.

Indigenous people in Peru take advantage of heavy rains to capture and store water

Infiltration ditches also allow to stop landslides and floods.

How does climate change affect indigenous women?

Indigenous women are calling on women’s ministries to promote their participation in climate change policies.

Potato and quinoa crops in danger of plague infestation after heavy rains

Native products proved to be the most resistant to extreme climate conditions and disease.

CHIRAPAQ is recognized for its contribution to education

Ministry of Education awarded merit to support indigenous youth in rural schools in Loreto.

World Indigenous Peoples play their last cards during COP21

Indigenous leaders state that world’s biodiversity would be at risk if indigenous rights are not included in the Paris Agreement.

More than a thousand indigenous Shawi flood victims need help in Loreto

Twelve indigenous Sahwi communities have yet to receive aid after overflow in Loreto. Join us to help them.

Indigenous women of the world warn that they will give their lives to defend their lands

Indigenous women pledge to be part of the solution to the food crisis that will consequently result in climate change.

Rights for us mean forests for all

Communities are are able to significantly outperform government agencies in preventing deforestation.

Knowledge, Art and Indigenous Women

Recovering the production conditions necessary for bespan, native which isof the most notable legacies of indigenous Amazonian yanesha communities.

Forests are a source of health and nourishment

The Oxapampa Asháninka – Yánesha Biosphere Reserve is the natural pharmacy and pantry of indigenous peoples.

Indigenous families protect the biosphere reserve in Oxapampa

The Yánesha people protect native timber species endangered by illegal felling.

Weaving our history

In Peru, Yánesha women still retain numerous coloured varieties of cotton which are in danger of disappearing a result of the retreat of the forest.

Statement by Indigenous Peoples on Rio+20

The representative of the Indigenous Peoples Major Group addressed the opening conference of the 1st Plenary Meeting on Rio+20.

The Future We Want

Outcome of Rio+20, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. 20-22 June 2012.

Kari-Oca II Declaration

Outcome of the Indigenous Peoples Global Conference on Rio+20 and Mother Earth Kari-Oka Village, at Sacred Kari-Oka Púku.

Latin American Summit on Climate Change and its Impact on Indigenous Peoples

Climate change makes us consider our challenges and to highlight the progress achieved in our countries on the development of mitigation policies.

Lima Declaration For the Life of the Mother Nature and Humankind

Final statement of the II Latin American Summit on Climate Change and its Impact on Indigenous Peoples.

Between Waters. From the Sacred to Disaster (video)

Short documentary that explores the travails and difficulties that indigenous peoples from Peru face due to climate change.