CHIRAPAQ concerned about continued use of racial hate speech during Peruvian elections

Chirapaq demanded that the State act in accordance with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

Indigenous under-representation will prevail in the next Congress

The indigenous association CHIRAPAQ pointed out that electoral candidates are not required to declare their ethnicity before the National Jury of Elections.

Congressional candidates pledge to legislate in order to guarantee indigenous women’s rights

Promoting indigenous women’s social, economic, and political inclusion will be a priority on the legislative agendas of four congressional candidates in the April 11 elections.

2021 Peruvian general election: Indigenous and Afro-descendant women will ensure compliance with the Electoral Ethical Pact

The indigenous leader Tarcila Rivera Zea and the Afro-descendant singer Susana Baca are part of the National Elections Jury’s Honor Tribunal.