COP24: Indigenous women call to defend Mother Earth at climate conference

With a spiritual ceremony, the Indigenous Peoples Caucus and the Women and Gender Constituency celebrated Indigenous Women’s Day during COP24, in Poland.

Rights for us mean forests for all

Communities are are able to significantly outperform government agencies in preventing deforestation.

Indigenous families protect the biosphere reserve in Oxapampa

The Yánesha people protect native timber species endangered by illegal felling.

Weaving our history

In Peru, Yánesha women still retain numerous coloured varieties of cotton which are in danger of disappearing a result of the retreat of the forest.

The Future We Want

Outcome of Rio+20, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. 20-22 June 2012.

Kari-Oca II Declaration

Outcome of the Indigenous Peoples Global Conference on Rio+20 and Mother Earth Kari-Oka Village, at Sacred Kari-Oka Púku.

Lima Declaration For the Life of the Mother Nature and Humankind

Final statement of the II Latin American Summit on Climate Change and its Impact on Indigenous Peoples.