Online platform that closes the gap between UN and Indigenous Peoples to be launched is a website that promotes access to the Permanent Forum recommendations on indigenous issues that should be implemented by States.

COP24: Climate finance for indigenous peoples

CHIRAPAQ & Tebtebba will hold a discussion panel on the Green Climate Fund and indigenous peoples, during the COP24 meeting at Katowice, Poland.

Indigenous midwives demand their recognition by the States at the UN

They maintain that the integration of their traditional knowledge will favor maternal and child health in indigenous communities.

UN Permanent Forum will analyze the exercise of territorial rights of indigenous peoples

Indigenous leaders of the world will debate for two weeks to address recommendations to the Member States.

Dialogue on the state of indigenous midwifery in the Americas

Organizations from Peru, Mexico and Canada will share thoughts about indigenous midwifery in the United Nations headquarters.

UNPFII17: Indigenous Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Gender Based Violence

Parallel event organized by UNFPA and CHIRAPAQ at the 17th Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

UN and States adopt indigenous women’s proposals on protection of rights and territories

Commission on the Status of Women agreements include recommendations about human rights, sustainable production and ancestral indigenous knowledge.

Sharing our achievements in a year of many challenges

To indigenous peoples, the new year symbolizes the renewal of life. At the start of a new cycle, CHIRAPAQ extends its wishes for peace, hope and prosperity for the year 2018.

The Green Climate Fund and the Indigenous Peoples of Peru

Recommendations from Indigenous Peoples to support sustainable initiatives through climate funding, with a respect for our rights and full participation.

Call to indigenous peoples from the Green Climate Fund

Global climate finance mechanism seeks input on its indigenous peoples’ policy.

Peru’s capital city is enjoying the sweetest native fruits this week

Biodiversity Festival goes until June 25 in the Plaza Manco Capac.

Indigenous women worldwide express their sorrow over death of UNFPA director

Babatunde Osotimehin died suddenly on Monday at his home at the age of 68.

Committee was created to support peruvian indigenous leader at the UN

Preparatory meeting will be organized to ensure indigenous participation during the next session at the United Nations in New York.

World Environment Day 2017

Global pledge by the members of the Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty.

Corn keepers are awarded in local festival

In Peru, andean elders preserve more than thirty varieties of maize of high nutritional value.

Indigenous peoples demand measures for their economic development during UN meeting

The Peruvian activist, Tarcila Rivera Zea, remarked the necessity to promote equal opportunities for indigenous men and women.

Peru reinstates Indigenous Health Directorate

By a supreme Decree the Ministry of Health reestablishes agency in charge of indigenous issues

Indigenous farmers were awarded at a local fair

Crops were recognized for their quality, diversity and nutritional value.

Hundreds of indigenous people isolated by rains in Peru

Access roads to the Yánesha Communal Reserve in the country’s Central Amazon have been blocked.

Don’t Mess with My Census

Extreme right group says that recognition of indigenous people in national census will promote social conflicts.

Indigenous peoples in Peru question designation of Ministry of Economy to approve projects on climate change

Lack of dialogue with this entity would hinder access of their communities to resources of the Green Climate Fund, they claim.

Indigenous people demand that their voices be heard in the Green Climate Fund

They claim that measures to minimize the impact of projects in their communities remain insufficient.

Racist character returns by double feature

Television station plays deaf to UN’s disapproval of comic portrait of indigenous women.

Short Film-Maker dies at age eighteen

Teresa Pomahuacre stood out for her talent on audivisual storytelling.

UN expert criticizes elimination of Indigenous Health Directorate

Tarcila Rivera Zea demanded president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski its immediate restitution.

Indigenous people in Peru take advantage of heavy rains to capture and store water

Infiltration ditches also allow to stop landslides and floods.

How does climate change affect indigenous women?

Indigenous women are calling on women’s ministries to promote their participation in climate change policies.

Potato and quinoa crops in danger of plague infestation after heavy rains

Native products proved to be the most resistant to extreme climate conditions and disease.

Indigenous women celebrated with cultural journey

Multitudinous parade roamed the province of Vilcas Huamán in Ayacucho.

Ministry of Culture creates a council of experts

The members of the Advisory Committee on Culture will contribute to defining policies in this sector.

Youngsters foresee an uncertain future for indigenous languages

The mother language is used for socializing in communities and as a weapon to confront discrimination in public space

Peruvian artist wins FAO contest

Works reflects on the unique connection that indigenous peoples have with nature.

Forty years of fighting hunger

Indigenous association celebrates alliance with The Hunger Project on the occasion of its anniversary.

The challenges of indigenous radio in Peru

In Peru, local radios have become instruments of power for politicians and private companies.

Violence slows economic growth among indigenous women

Populist welfare policiescontribute to their economic impoverishment, say during UN conference.

Young artists with an identity of their own

Indigenous children take drawing and painting art classes over the summer.

Trump revives indigenous protest against oil pipelines

Construction endangers the environment and the life of the Sioux people.

What should a parlamentariant do for indigenous peoples?

An assessment of the situation of indigenous peoples is the first step towards parliamentary action to protect and promote their rights.

The gods of the earth and the free prior and informed consent

If for the Indigenous Peoples and Christians the mountains are sacred places, why criticize their defense?

Indigenous Women join the march against Trump

CHIRAPAQ sends a message of solidarity with our sisters from the North.

Latin American Indigenous Funders Conference

CHIRAPAQ has been appointed as a focal point for an international conference that will gather donors for indigenous peoples.

Nothing About Us Without Us

And assessment of the implementation of the The Beijing Platform and Action Plan from the indigenous women viewpoint.

Political Position Document and Plan of Action of the World’s Indigenous Women

Common action agenda of indigenous women from the seven socio-cultural world regions.

Population, Development and Indigenous Women

Perspective and Proposal 20 Years after the VI International Conference on Population and Development, Cairo+20.

The earth is our mother

A message from indigenous women for the union of human beings with the Earth and their spiritual rebirth.

Indigenous Women Seek for their Representative

Indigenous organizations are invited to nominate a representative of women for the World Conference of Indigenous Peoples.

Indigenous women of the world warn that they will give their lives to defend their lands

Indigenous women pledge to be part of the solution to the food crisis that will consequently result in climate change.

Quechua Radio in the Peruvian Andes: Part I

Doris Loayza, MA Candidate at CLACS, shares her experience Knowing the work of CHIRAPAQ’s Indigenous Communication Program.

Our Voices Unbounded

The life experiences of two women indigenous communicators in the Andes and the Peruvian Amazon.

Indigenous short film competes in on-line film festival

CHIRAPAQ’s documentary explores the difficulties encountered by indigenous peoples in the face of a changing climate.

Violence and Indigenous Women

An analysis of the context to understand and eradicate the different expressions of violence against indigenous women.

The Future We Want

Outcome of Rio+20, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. 20-22 June 2012.

Kari-Oca II Declaration

Outcome of the Indigenous Peoples Global Conference on Rio+20 and Mother Earth Kari-Oka Village, at Sacred Kari-Oka Púku.

Latin American Summit on Climate Change and its Impact on Indigenous Peoples

Climate change makes us consider our challenges and to highlight the progress achieved in our countries on the development of mitigation policies.

Call to stop violence and appeal for indigenous international intermediation in the Bolivian Amazon

Joint ECMIA and COICA statement addressed to indigenous wise elders and representatives in the United Nations Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues.

25 Years for Our Peoples and Cultures

CHIRAPAQ, which for the Quechua people of Ayacucho means “flashing of stars”, arose 25 years ago, when our country was disrupted with intense internal violence.

Call for urgent insitu mediation

ECMIA – South America statement calling for urgent mediation of the United Nations to stop the violence in the Peruvian Amazon.