UN Permanent Forum will analyze the exercise of territorial rights of indigenous peoples

Indigenous leaders of the world will debate for two weeks to address recommendations to the Member States.

Sharing our achievements in a year of many challenges

To indigenous peoples, the new year symbolizes the renewal of life. At the start of a new cycle, CHIRAPAQ extends its wishes for peace, hope and prosperity for the year 2018.

CHIRAPAQ marched for indigenous women in Peru

In the countryside and in the city mobilizations against violence and in favor of decent work were carried out.

Indigenous women celebrated with cultural journey

Multitudinous parade roamed the province of Vilcas Huamán in Ayacucho.

Youngsters foresee an uncertain future for indigenous languages

The mother language is used for socializing in communities and as a weapon to confront discrimination in public space

CHIRAPAQ commemorates the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

The aim is to highlight violence to indigenous women visible through short films.

Wankukuq qaytu | Spinning for warmth

Fortunata and Juan are two characters that traditionally weave with a waist loom. They show us how weaving is done, tell us how they learned to do it and call on young people to value and keep this practice.


The residents of the small community of Santa Cruz de Pucaraccay, share their difficulties such us their lack of access to water, electricity and education. They also tell us about their dreams and wishes for the future.

The Living Flower

Since ancient times our ancestors have practiced traditional medicine making use of the plants that nature offers us.

Our Knowledge

In a small village in Peru, women gather to prepare the chicha de jora as their mothers and grandmothers had in the past.

Blue Thinking Women

Women in the district of Laramate carry out productive initiatives that allow them to have an additional income for their homes. Their vision of organization and foresight, have been dynamizing the local economy and making the role of women visible as an axis of family and communal life.

Peru nominates indigenous woman leader to the UN

Tarcila Rivera Zea, Quechua leader, was nominated as candidate to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

World Indigenous Peoples play their last cards during COP21

Indigenous leaders state that world’s biodiversity would be at risk if indigenous rights are not included in the Paris Agreement.

Filmmakers without cameras? You can help!

Peru, indigenous youngsters await the possibility to continue documenting their communities’ reality and knowledge.

The best investment against violence

Putting an end to the conditions of poverty and exclusion suffered by indigenous women is the best way of eradicating violence.

Quechua Radio in the Peruvian Andes: Part I

Doris Loayza, MA Candidate at CLACS, shares her experience Knowing the work of CHIRAPAQ’s Indigenous Communication Program.

Peru rolling back indigenous law in win for mining sector

Deputy Minister Iván Lanegra plans to quit in the next few days due to controversy over entitlement of the right to prior consultation by Andean peoples.

Voices Through Time (video)

Documentary on indigenous communicators who use the radio and ICTs to defend and exercise their rights.

Between Waters. From the Sacred to Disaster (video)

Short documentary that explores the travails and difficulties that indigenous peoples from Peru face due to climate change.

25 Years for Our Peoples and Cultures

CHIRAPAQ, which for the Quechua people of Ayacucho means “flashing of stars”, arose 25 years ago, when our country was disrupted with intense internal violence.