Hundreds of indigenous people isolated by rains in Peru

Access roads to the Yánesha Communal Reserve in the country’s Central Amazon have been blocked.

CHIRAPAQ commemorates the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

The aim is to highlight violence to indigenous women visible through short films.

Keeping tradition alive

Work is underway to preserve the traditional arts and crafts of the Yanesha women of Peru. By Stitch, creating with fabric+thread.

Knowledge, Art and Indigenous Women

Recovering the production conditions necessary for bespan, native which isof the most notable legacies of indigenous Amazonian yanesha communities.

Forests are a source of health and nourishment

The Oxapampa Asháninka – Yánesha Biosphere Reserve is the natural pharmacy and pantry of indigenous peoples.

Indigenous families protect the biosphere reserve in Oxapampa

The Yánesha people protect native timber species endangered by illegal felling.

Weaving our history

In Peru, Yánesha women still retain numerous coloured varieties of cotton which are in danger of disappearing a result of the retreat of the forest.

Voices Through Time (video)

Documentary on indigenous communicators who use the radio and ICTs to defend and exercise their rights.

Yanesha women revive traditional dyeing with innovative designs

The First Yánesha Exhibition and Fair revealed the beauty of Amazonian textiles and the skills of the women who keep this art alive.