Sharing our achievements in a year of many challenges

To indigenous peoples, the new year symbolizes the renewal of life. At the start of a new cycle, CHIRAPAQ extends its wishes for peace, hope and prosperity for the year 2018.

Canadian Embassy hosts meeting between Atom Egoyan and young indigenous filmmakers

During his visit to Lima the director attended a screening of short films made by Andean and Amazonia youth.

Indigenous peoples demand measures for their economic development during UN meeting

The Peruvian activist, Tarcila Rivera Zea, remarked the necessity to promote equal opportunities for indigenous men and women.

Short Film-Maker dies at age eighteen

Teresa Pomahuacre stood out for her talent on audivisual storytelling.

Indigenous people in Peru take advantage of heavy rains to capture and store water

Infiltration ditches also allow to stop landslides and floods.

Ministry of Culture creates a council of experts

The members of the Advisory Committee on Culture will contribute to defining policies in this sector.

Youngsters foresee an uncertain future for indigenous languages

The mother language is used for socializing in communities and as a weapon to confront discrimination in public space

Young artists with an identity of their own

Indigenous children take drawing and painting art classes over the summer.

CHIRAPAQ is recognized for its contribution to education

Ministry of Education awarded merit to support indigenous youth in rural schools in Loreto.

CHIRAPAQ in forum on youth and agriculture

This Saturday 03 of December from 9.30 a.m. in the Conference Room of General Studies of the PUCP university.

CHIRAPAQ commemorates the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

The aim is to highlight violence to indigenous women visible through short films.

Peru TV slammed by UN as racial stereotypes paraded for cheap laughs

La Paisana Jacinta loses prime-time slot but racism against indigenous people and African-Peruvians far from eradicated.

Filmmakers without cameras? You can help!

Peru, indigenous youngsters await the possibility to continue documenting their communities’ reality and knowledge.

Indigenous Women Seek for their Representative

Indigenous organizations are invited to nominate a representative of women for the World Conference of Indigenous Peoples.

Indigenous women of the world warn that they will give their lives to defend their lands

Indigenous women pledge to be part of the solution to the food crisis that will consequently result in climate change.

Quechua Radio in the Peruvian Andes: Part I

Doris Loayza, MA Candidate at CLACS, shares her experience Knowing the work of CHIRAPAQ’s Indigenous Communication Program.

Peru rolling back indigenous law in win for mining sector

Deputy Minister Iván Lanegra plans to quit in the next few days due to controversy over entitlement of the right to prior consultation by Andean peoples.

Indigenous families protect the biosphere reserve in Oxapampa

The Yánesha people protect native timber species endangered by illegal felling.

Weaving our history

In Peru, Yánesha women still retain numerous coloured varieties of cotton which are in danger of disappearing a result of the retreat of the forest.