26 September, 2017

The Green Climate Fund and the Indigenous Peoples of Peru

Recommendations from Indigenous Peoples to support sustainable initiatives through climate funding, with a respect for our rights and full participation.

Investigation Series / 11

The Green Climate Fund is one of the most important and ambitious mechanisms for facing up to climate change.

The magnitude of its objectives and the resources it handles mean that the Green Climate Fund requires the participation of governments and institutions with the capacity for logistical management and fund administration, both of which imply long process of planning and negotiation.

Within this panorama, we indigenous peoples and the indigenous organizations have found ourselves involved in these processes as beneficiaries, despite a large part of these funds’ being orientated towards investment in indigenous territories, affecting us and requiring our direct participation.

In this sense, the indigenous organizations have been advocating for greater participation in the design and management of the Green Climate Fund projects. How do our governments envisage the participation of indigenous peoples in climate-related policies? What factors could favor suitable articulation between governments and indigenous peoples to make the initiatives on climate sustainable? What impact could our participation have on the administration of the Green Climate Fund? What expectations do we, the indigenous peoples and organizations, have regarding these funds? To what degree can our life systems be strengthened, so they are able to affect the processes of investment for projects dealing with adaptation to climate change and the mitigation of its effects? What is the participation and contribution of indigenous women and youth in these processes?

In view of these questions, a study was developed involving the government, civil society, indigenous organization, public officials and researchers to obtain a panorama of the role played and contribution made by the indigenous peoples within the Green Climate Fund.

The fruit borne by this study is the publication entitled THE GREEN CLIMATE FUND AND THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLES OF PERU, in which CHIRAPAQ, Centre for Indigenous Cultures of Peru shares the expectations and proposals arising from these consultations, with the aim of providing instruments for a greater and better articulation between the government, the accredited bodies and the indigenous organizations that could make the initiatives sponsored by the Green Climate Fund sustainable, respecting the rights of the indigenous peoples, and strengthening dialogue and shared responsibility at every level.

With the support from: Tebtebba, OAK Foundation
September 2017
65 pages
ISBN 978-9972-679-89-6

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