The Indigenous Woman

International Networks

CHIRAPAQ promotes the participation of female indigenous leaders in indigenous women’s networks at continental and global levels:

• The Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas (ECMIA) is a space that articulates indigenous women from the three Americas in order to promote their training as leaders and to advocate in spaces for international representation and decision-making. CHIRAPAQ is a founder member of ECMIA and, through its principal leader, has exercised the function of ECMIA’s South American Coordination, and the Continental Coordination until 2015.

• The International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI) brings together female indigenous leaders and activists for human rights from different parts of the world to agree on agendas, build skills and develop leadership capacity. FIMI encourages the participation of indigenous women in international decision-making processes through ensuring the consistent and serious inclusion of the views of indigenous women in all the discussions on human rights. CHIRAPAQ is a founder member.