12 April, 2018

UNPFII17: Indigenous Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Gender Based Violence

Parallel event organized by UNFPA and CHIRAPAQ at the 17th Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

This event will present the main findings from a Study which evaluates the progress made in implementing the UNPFII’s recommendations related to sexual and reproductive health and rights and gender based violence. The study aims to better understand the achievements, limits, barriers and scope of the proposals, in order to improve their implementation.

The Study was undertaken in collaboration between CHIRAPAQ, Center for Indigenous Peoples’ Cultures of Peru, and UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund.


13:15       Opening remarks

Tarcila Rivera Zea, CHIRAPAQ

13:20       Main results from the Study

Luis Mora, UNFPA

13:35       Comments on the Study from the UN Permanent Forum

Mariam Wallet Aboubakrine, UNPFII Chair

13:45       Comments to the Study from the perspective of a Member State

Comments to the Study from the perspective of Civil Society:

Lucy Mulenkey, Indigenous Information Network (Kenya)

Indigenous Youth Representative – ECMIA

14:00       Comments and feedback from plenary

14:25       Next steps and closing words

Concept Note

UNPFII17 UNFPA & CHIRAPAQ Parallel Event Concept Note